February 8, 2016

Dirty Things to Say When Talking Dirty


No, really.


One of the most expressive words in the English language that can mean so many different things based on its context.

Think about it. The “fuck” that you say, the way you say it and the inflection of feelings in your voice when you are angry is completely different in sound and meaning to anyone who hears it than when you say “fuck” born from surprise for example or dismay.

And “fuck” is just as useful and expressive and satisfying when used in dirty talk.

“Fuck baby, you look so incredibly sexy and I really want to lick you, right now!”

“I love it when you fuck me, hard and fast, holding my tits and ramming into me.”

“Would you like to fuck me baby? Do you want me to kneel down and you just slip into me and fuck me until you come?”

“Any minute now darling, then I’m going to slide my cock into your ass and fuck you in your tight, soft asshole.”

Use the “fuck” word and just add it into any thought or desire you have – it works! And if you can’t find a way to verbalize your thoughts and desires, get basic.

“Fuck me” never, ever fails to get a message across, come across as erotic and sexual and have the recipient of the request tripping over themselves to do your bidding.

So once you’ve got comfy with the power and diversity that “fuck” offers you – move onto some others.

Lick – “lick this cock and get it all nice and wet darling, then let me fuck you.”

Kiss – “kiss my ……. Darling, let me feel your hot breath on me”.

Finger  – “Let me feel your fingertips stroking my skin”, “Finger me, now, I’m so turned on and need you to make me come”.

The most important factor in finding dirty things to say when talking dirty to your partner is to make it real, make it honest.

There’s little point telling your guy to “bend me over and fuck my ass really hard until you come” if you don’t like anal sex and find it hurts or just don’t find it a turn on in any form. Conversely, if this is only your second date, your first time making love with a new partner – now is probably not the time to tell him to dress up in a cow outfit and pretend that you’re a milking maid and you want him to ravish you with his huge udder!

However shy we are, however uncertain we are, 99% of us know, truthfully, what feels good, what is nice and makes us feel sexy, aroused, interested in sex. Talking dirty isn’t a magical skill, it’s giving voice to your desires, thoughts and sexual wants and needs. That’s why it is hard – because we have to give up, show a little bit of the inner us to someone else and that is never very easy as we are all afraid of rejection in some form.

But knowing what dirty things to say when talking dirty? Simply say what you want – any lover will find that an incredible turn on.