February 7, 2016

Talking Dirty Examples

Talking dirty has long been considered a great way enhance a relationship. It’s the ultimate tool in creating sexual tension. Talking dirty is not only something done in Hollywood films, it’s also a very private way for two lovers to bond and appreciate each other. So let’s take a look at a few talking dirty examples.

First the confession style appeals to many new seductive stars. The talking dirty novice will latch onto this method and carry it into the bedroom with great success. Consider any of the following confession style phrases.

“I have wanted you all day long, ever since I saw your legs in that short skirt.”

“At work today, I found myself fantasizing about you. You wore this muscle shirt and worked in the hot sun. You were sweating and that was making me wet.”

“I found myself fantasizing about you all day today. Remember that bathing suit you wore last summer – you were wearing that in my dreams.”

These simple confession style examples can be quite easy to master. They’re perfect for both guys and girls to use. And when you really look at these dirty talk examples, you’re simply expressing an honest truth to your lovers; you’re telling them how much you appreciate them and think of them when they’re not around. It’s a healthy exchange that will work to build the relationship and strengthen the bond between the two lovers.

The fantasy style approach to talking dirty can be a bit more sophisticated. The lovers should have the ability to role play and allow the other person some creative license. Think of the last time you and your lover sat watching a movie on the couch. Did a beautiful love scene start and you both felt the tension rise? What if you turned that on-screen passion into a reality in the moment? You could turn to your lover and say, “I would feel that same passion for you even if I never saved you from a burning building, even though I would totally put myself on the line for you.” Take the fantasy and turn it into reality.

Fantasy approaches to talking dirty can also include seducing them with fantastical options. Imagine telling your lover that you’re dreaming of your next vacation. You’re surrounded by beach, palm trees, with a margarita in hand. Then you see them walking across the sand towards you. You’re admiring their body and how do you see them?

You see how these fantasy descriptions can easily turn into a passionate encounter. Once you get good with dirty talk you will be able to seduce your partner with a simple whispered phrase. It’s really that powerful.