May 21, 2015

Dirty Talk for Women – Some Important Tips

Women often think they have it tough when it comes to dirty talk.

After all, don’t all men just want to hear disgusting, filthy, degrading language in bed?

Most women wouldn’t even know where to start, and so convince themselves that they have no idea what their men want to hear in bed. This is a shame, because men are really simple creatures when it comes to what they want to hear in bed. It is not necessarily the gory filth that most women believe it to be. If more ladies knew proper dirty talk for women, there would be many more happy sex lives out there.

Men are basically simple creatures, and that is the first thing that women must know about them. All they basically want is to know that you yourself are having a good time in bed and are enjoying what they are doing to you. If you express this verbally, either with sounds of pleasure, gasps of encouragement, or screams of delight, this qualifies as dirty talk to most men, and they will adore you for it. Too many women are inhibited in bed and feel uncomfortable expressing themselves. This is a shame, because it’s really what most men want to hear.

Second, you don’t need to talk that much to use dirty talk for women to your advantage. All you need to do is to say a few select words here and there and you’ll be fine. In fact, you don’t want to talk too much in bed, because this can be distracting for your man as he works his way to orgasm. Just keep it short and simple, and it will be enough for him to keep running on for quite a while, which is exacty what you want.

Finally, when you DO say something in bed, try to use the dirtiest word for any noun that you can think of. This is the best tip for dirty talk for women around. Your man doesn’t want you to swear like a sailor all the time, but a few well-placed epithets here and there during the course of sex will work wonders for his libido, which is good news for you, as he will be sure to go out of his way to please you if he knows you are talking dirty just for him and him alone.

So you see, dirty talk for women isn’t nearly as complicated as you thought it was.

Men are not as complex as many books and magazines would have you believe. They basically want simple things from their women, and if you keep the dirty talk simple, descriptive, and to the point, you’ll be giving him all the encouragement he needs to please you like you never believed possible.