May 21, 2015

Dirty Talk Conversations – The Most Fun You Can Have With Your Mouth in Public

For a man, few things are more exciting and enticing than having a good dirty talk conversation with his lady in bed. Actually, this could even work over the phone. Some real, genuine dirty talk from you will get him going like you never believed possible. This is because such talk is so unexpected from a woman in most cases. Most women simply don’t know how to do it, or are too embarrassed to try. Well, you don’t have to be left out in the dark. You can start talking dirty with your man like a pro. Here’s how.

The first thing you should remember about a dirty talk conversation is that this is one of the few times you should feel free to let your moth just wander off on its own accord without thinking about what you’re saying first. This can rarely get you into trouble in bed. Just let all of those dirty thoughts and feelings you’ve got inside you during intimate moments be naturally expressed out loud. Even if it sounds funny to you, your man will love it, because it will be a sure sign he’s pleasing you.

Men get turned on by pleasing their women, and having a dirty talk conversation with you that is natural and not forced is one of the best ways of showing him that you’re into it. It will probably only take a few select phrases from you before he’s all over you and pleasing you in return like never before. Trust us on this, ladies…dirty talk drives men wild in bed and your sex live will improve a million-fold if you just let yourself speak freely and tell him how much he is turning you on.

You don’t even have to say anything too complicated to have a good dirty talk conversation with your man. Simply crying out “Yes!” when you feel good or telling him when he’s doing something particularly exciting to you can be enough to get his engines running. You can also ask him if certain things you are doing feel good to him. This will show him that you care about his pleasure, and he will adore you for it. Contrary to popular belief, most men do not prefer total silence during sex. A few well placed words can be all you need to have the best sex ever.

So, think of a dirty talk conversation not so much as foreplay, but as an ante-upper. Start doing it once you’ve already begun a sex session and see where it goes. Just keep it simple and don’t talk so much that it’s distracting. Just a little bit of dirty talk is all you need to create the ideal sexual situation for the both of you.